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Why consumers looking for debt advice may be getting more

Just under a year ago, the Moneycheats website published a blog regarding a location in Exeter which housed a claims management company, insolvency advisers, a community interest company and an FCA approved principal. While there have been some changes at the address a connection between firms offering debt advice and claims management companies continues to remain, predominately by a common director, Matthew Osborn.

Offering Debt Advice

Social media seems littered with adverts and pages offering possible vulnerable consumers struggling with debt an opportunity to reduce their level of indebtedness. This includes Facebook where pages include ones such as these:

All of these are trading styles of Platinum Marketing and Consultancy Limited, an unregulated company which is run by Elliott Green (Dob July 1991) and from what appears to be his residential address[1] in Praze, Cornwall until 5th Sept 2019 when the company moved.

Platinum Marketing and Consultancy has 17 trading names[2] which include Council Tax Support UK, Debt Free Me UK and Debt and Bailiff Advice Team, along with their own website which is overwhelmingly empty but does include their privacy policy which states the DPO Officer lives at 1 Peverell Close, Praze, Cornwall, TR14 0JQ. The policy also lists some of the firms whom Platinum Marketing share their customer data with:

· The Debt Advice Agency Ltd

· Open Skies Money Ltd

· Debt Help Team Ltd

The directors of Debt Advice Agency Ltd[3] are Jason Bennett and Liam Blenes, with the latter having a listed correspondence address of 1 Peverill Close, Praze-An-Beeble, Camborne, Cornwall, United Kingdom, TR14 0JQ. According to the website, Mr Blenes is on the electoral roll for this address, along with Elliott Green.[4]

Debt Advice Agency Ltd describes themselves as “a friendly team of advisors with numerous years of industry experience" and who “offer no-obligation referrals to trusted, fully regulated providers of appropriate solutions and receive a referral fee from debt solution providers for any successful customer referrals.” Their privacy policy[5] lists companies who Debt Advice Agency Ltd may also share customer data with:-

Debt Advice Agency Ltd is an FCA Appointed Representative[6] for the authorised firm, Two Financial Services Ltd[7], along with Debt Help Team Ltd and Open Skies Money Ltd.

Two Financial Services Ltd operate a network which allows firms to operate as an AR in the Credit Counselling and Credit Brokerage sectors while leaving the principal firm to assume ultimately regulatory responsibilities. According to their website[8], Two Financial Services Ltd “continuously monitor our Appointed Representatives via thorough compliance checks to ensure that they meet FCA and company standards and expectations, particularly with regard to the provision of positive customer outcomes.”

Hmm.. therefore it perhaps seems a little odd that Two Financial Services have not identified the common residential address in Praze as part of their compliance checks, especially given that a quick search of the address on Companies House[9] also brings up a company called S J McKenna Ltd whose director is Sam McKenna (DOB Dec 1991). This is particularly relevant as a Samuel Joseph Mckenna (DOB Dec 1991) is the director of Debt Help Team LTD who are also an AR of Two Financial Services Ltd.

It is probably worth pointing out at this point that Matthew Osborn is the director of Two Financial Services Ltd[10] and Elliott Green was the firms Systems and Affiliate Manager until August 2018[11] according to his Linked In profile.

The Claims Management Companies

Matthew Osborn is also the current director of Chadney-Smith Associates Ltd[12], an FCA registered Claims Management Company based in Exeter[13] and has recently also held shares in the CMC, Clear Legal Marketing Ltd.[14]

Elliott Green is the current director[15] of the FCA authorised credit broker, Fidelity Works Ltd whose numerous trading names include,, and

Both Chadney-Smith Associates Ltd and Fidelity Works Ltd have links to banned director, Mark Kennedy who held shares in Chadney Smith Associates Ltd in August 2017 and where Carolina Costa was a previous director.

Carolina Da Costa held shares in Fidelity Works Ltd in February 2018[16], along with Elliott Green, while the latest report on companies house for the CMC, Clear Legal Marketing Ltd shows past shareholders have included Mark Kennedy, Carolina Costa and Matthew Osborn[17].

A tangled web!

A confusing set of circumstances which may make more sense here:-



















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