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What do you get when you cross a CMC with an ex credit broker and possible lead generator?

A Software company it seems!

The company Symbiotic Software Ltd[1] was set up in May 2018 and is currently run by Nicky Ormerod, who also runs the claims management company, Savvy Claims Ltd.

The nature of Symbiotic Software Ltd is financial intermediation but the company is not FCA or ICO registered, does not appear to have a website and is yet to file any accounts, however the incorporation papers show the software company has 2 shareholders – Savvy Claims Ltd and Leadspot Ltd:-

Savvy Claims Ltd

So let’s deal with Savvy Claims Ltd first – A CMC which currently has temporary permission to act and who has been referenced in the Moneycheats blog series on several occasions, including the blog,‘Savvy by name but savvy by nature?’

Savvy Claims Ltd was set up in Manchester in 2015 and is run by sole director Nicky Frank Ormerod (DOB May 1979)[2] while Head of Operations is Darren Anthony Bott.[3]. As detailed in the earlier blog, Bott and Ormerod have been involved in pension companies which were investigated by the Insolvency Service and found to operate with a lack of transparency[4] as the companies made misleading and unfounded statements on their websites and to employers, as well as charge advance fees for services which they then completely failed to provide.

Given the FCA’s focus on conduct and culture, it will be interesting to see if the CMC, Savvy Claims gains full authorization status.

Leadspot Ltd

The directors of Leadspot Ltd have also have also had a past encounter with the regulators as their previous company, Munee Hut LLP was fined £20,000 by the ICO in 2017 after it as found to have instructed a firm in Belize to send around 64,000 spam texts promoting loans. The company was dissolved 2 months ago by listed directors – Daniel Knight, Robert Smith and Leadspot Ltd.

Leadspot Ltd was set up in 2012 by Knight and Smith, which they ran alongside their other company, Knight Creative Ltd until it was placed in liquidation in 2015.[5] Knight Creative Ltd was a credit broker[6] who traded under numerous names including, Lead Spot, Bee Finance,, Moolr.Co.Uk, Moneylove.Co.Uk,and Muneehut.Com.

So why would the directors of Savvy Loans and Leadspot set up a new software company together?? And what does Symbiotic Software Ltd actually do?

According to companies’ house records, the registered office of Symbiotic Software is 120 Cross Street, Sale, England, M33 7AW which is also where Leadspot Ltd were based until 2018. The Grade II listed building is also home to a few other companies which are individually or jointly run by Ormerod, Anthony (Bott), Knight and Smith.

The directors of the other active company, Convorto Ltd used to include Leadspot Ltd and Knight but the firm is now just run by Smith.

Things become a little more confusing when you google the company registration number. 10686278, of the dormant Retail Suite Ltd (owned by Anthony (Bott)) as it appears in the privacy policy for both the comparison site, MoneyLove and the CMC site, National Claims Help which is a trading name of Savvy Claims Ltd:

The comparisonwebsite, MoneyLove is owned by Samuel Levy who until last week ran the company, Flight Aid Ltd along with the aforementioned Robert Smith[7]. According to his Linked In profile, Levy is also the Sales Director of Symbiotic Software.[8]

The Privacy Policies belonging to Flight Aid Ltd and MoneyLove confirm that they receive customer data from Leadspot Ltd:-

So where is Leadspot Ltd getting their data from???

A tangled web indeed so an updated diagram which simplifies the connections will follow soon!










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