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The 3 CMC’s chasing payday loan claims who are all dubiously connected!

The Moneycheats project has written a significant amount since its inception regarding the CMC, Direct Financial Claims Ltd who are currently under CMR investigation and have connections to disqualified director, Mark Kennedy. Consequently a couple of amendments to 2 further claims management companies have recently come to our attention.

Change 1

The current director of Direct Financial Claims Ltd, Jonathan Smith, is also a director of CMC, First Claims Group Ltd who trade as PaydayClaim Help but on 31st October 2018 he transferred his shares in the latter company to Maria Louise Jones (dob Sept 1981) and she was also appointed as a director replacing Smith who resigned on the same day.

A Maria Louise Jones with a DOB of September 1981, is the former director of LJAG Ltd she ran with the fellow director, Andrew Gannon from a registered address in Worsley. LJAG Ltd was dissolved in Jun 2015 via voluntary strike off.

A Mail article referenced an Andy Gannon as Payday Refunds Operations Manager. Between 1st February – 3rd April 2018, an Andrew Gannon (DOB February 1979) – was a director of Debt Free Associates Ltd (Company number with a registered office at the same address as Direct Financial Claims Ltd

(For those who follow our blogs, Andrew Gannon is also an ex-director of Key Financial Claims so has connections to David Fuher and the CMC, Family Money Savers Ltd.)

An Andrew Gannon was declared bankrupt in April 2018 after a petition filed by HMRC.

Change 2

The second listed change was made at the beginning of October 2018 as Vicenzo Vernon ended his directorship at Direct Financial Claims Ltd (he was replaced by Jonathan Smith) on 30th September to set up The Claims Experts Ltd (oddly the date of birth differs by one month) on 2nd October, based in Chester. The website, Simply PPI is up and running but does not currently show a license number from the CMR.

In all, a rather tangled interwoven web of CMCs and their claims.


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