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Savvy Claims Ltd - The CMC which is savvy by name but savvy by nature?

Savvy Claims Ltd is a claims management company who trade under the following names:- Savvy Claims, National Claims Help, Payday Loan Claims, Refund my Pension, Pure Claims, Tenant Repair Helpline and Big Story.

The firm can be found on the FCA register with temporary permissions to carry out claims management activity and the listed contact is Danielle Broughton.[1]

Savvy Claims Ltd was set up in Manchester in 2015 and is now run by sole director Nicky Frank Ormerod (DOB May 1979)[2] while Head of Operations is Darren Anthony Bott.[3]

According to Bott’s Linked in Profile, he is also the director of Retail Suite Ltd although the sole director on companies house is just listed as Darren Anthony (DOB Aug 75) with an occupation of Claims Consultant.[4]

It seems both directors have worked together at other companies such as The Personal Injury Guys Ltd (Darren Anthony Bott – Aug 75) which dissolved in 2017[5] but perhaps the most intriguing is NAEH Ltd (formerly Ventica Ltd) which was set up in 2012 but was forced to wind up by the Insolvency Service in September 2018.[6] Bott had resigned from the company in October 2015 and Ormerod in August 2016.

The press release from the Insolvency Service stated:-

Three companies involved with introducing employers to pension schemes have been wound up by the courts for misleading their clients.

NAEH Ltd, Wise Auto Enrolment Ltd (Wise) and National Auto Enrolment Helpline Ltd were all wound up by the High Court in Manchester on 17 September 2018.

NAEH Ltd and Wise acted as introducers where they referred employers, required by law to enrol certain staff into a pension scheme, to a pension administrator in order to set up new schemes.

However, the Insolvency Service received complaints about the two companies and with assistance from The Pensions Regulator (TPR), investigators found that NAEH and Wise traded with a lack of commercial probity.

The two pension enrolment companies would make misleading and unfounded statements on their websites and to employers, as well as charge advance fees for services which they then completely failed to provide.

Investigators also found that the two companies operated with a lack of transparency. They would use incorrect company names on invoices and it was unclear who was in control of NAEH and Wise.

The third company that was wound up, National Auto Enrolment Helpline, had not conducted any activities but investigators demonstrated to the court there were strong grounds to believe that the company would have been used to continue the activities carried out by NAEH and Wise.

A quick check on Companies House shows the directors for Wise Auto Enrolment Ltd was Dean Spencer and Darren Anthony – with the latter being replaced by Ewan Jones on 1st August 2018. [7]

National Auto Enrolment Helpline Ltd was run by sole director, Nicky Frank Ormerod.

Both Ormerod and Bott were involved in the running of First Advice Claims Ltd[8] between 2014-2016 although a resolution to wind up was issued in January 2017. The relevant Statement of Affairs has been signed by Nicky Ormerod and details debts of £1,357 to HMRC and £4,493 to Manchester City Council.

More recently, Ormerod set up Buxton Software Ltd in 2017 but was replaced by Darren Anthony in February 2019[9].

Ormerod had also set up Will Tree Consulting Ltd but was replaced by Samuel Levy also in February 2019.[10] Samuel Levy has held several directorships with financial services companies and is also the current director of Total Bridging Ltd.[11]

This presumably leaves Ormerod to focus all his efforts on Savvy Claims Ltd as it prepares to gain full authorisation status from the FCA.













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