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Sanderson Drake and dubious connections

Sanderson Drake is a relatiely new claims management company who currently holds temporary permissions with the FCA. It predominately deals with payday loan claims but has recently added guarantor loans to its bow. While the current director Lisa Lewis is located in Llanelli which is where the firm is registered with Companies House, it seems their Head of Compliance, Shaun Pemberton can be found in Manchester, according to his Linked In account[1].

This is where it becomes interesting as Mr Pemberton’s employment history shows a long involvement with CMC’s some who charged upfront fees and involved disqualified directors.

Kerobo Claims Ltd

Mr Pemberton states he was employed as a Team Leader here between February 2009 – December 2009 where he was responsible for the management of 3 employees and “setting up an entirely new department for the claims company.” Kerobo’s filed accounts for May 2009 show a net book value of £4,683 so one can only assume the company was relatively small.

Kerobo Claims Ltd were based in Sale, Cheshire and used radio advertising offering to help consumers reclaim fees. However, the CMC charged upfront fees as shown below by the negative posts on the MSE forum posted in 2009

Kerobo’s notoriety reached the mainstream press[2] and was also referred to during a debate in the House of Commons, where MP, Russell Brown said they used their license “as a selling point to commit fraud and rip people off.”[3]

Kerobo Ltd finally lost their license in September 2010 but we cannot end it there without referring to the 3 directors and main shareholders during Mr Pemberton’s tenure with the firm:

Darren Bott - Former director of NAEH Ltd which was forced to wind up by the Insolvency Service in September 2018 for misleading new members[4] Bott is currently Head of Operations for the CMC, Savvy Claims Ltd.

Kevin Rogers-Davison:- Was operating as a “de-facto” director of the CMC, Delete (UK) Ltd, despite giving an undertaking, not to be a director of a company, or be involved in the management of a company in any way for 6 years from 5 December 2014 , without leave of the court.

Like Kerobo, Delete (UK) Ltd[5] “cold called” customers and in return for a fee offered to “wipe out” their credit card debts if it was discovered that the initial credit agreements had not been implemented correctly.

Roderick Clive Bond: - A former police officer who is currently serving a prison sentence for his involvement in a £2.4mn tax scam following a HMRC investigation[6].

Connected Claims Ltd

In December 2009, Shaun Pemberton set up Connected Claims Ltd which involved “gaining and securing contracts/accounts with Claims Management Companies to process OFT credit card charges claims inhouse for existing clients”. He remained until October 2010 when he was replaced by Rahul Dev Sharma.

The pair had also set up Crystal Clear Financial Services Ltd together on 2nd June 2010 although Pemberton resigned 6 months later.

Rahul Dev Sharma remained a director of the CMC, Connected Claims Ltd who in 2013 were referenced on the Legal Beagles Forum as cold calling regarding PPI claims[7] In 2017 Sharma sold the firm to Allay Claims (who renamed it AirFair Copensation Ltd), presumably because he had become the third director of the debt management company Debt Connect (UK) Ltd to be disqualified[8].

An investigation by the Insolvency Service found that Mr Sharma caused funds totalling £42,920 to be transferred to the company’s current account, of which at least £25,929 was paid to another company controlled by Rahul Sharma, and individuals connected to him. Mr Sharma’s nine-year disqualification commenced on 3 July 2017 and will end in July 2026.

As an aside, the Trust Pilot Review for Allay Claims Ltd suggest Sharma has continued to be involved with the CMC who was recently given full authorisation by the FCA: -

According to Shaun Pemberton’s Linked In page, he has worked as a Project Management Consultant since October 2010 by “providing claims management and business consultancy to various claims management companies in the UK” but oddly omits his own CMC business. Pemberton & Associates Ltd.

Pemberton & Assocates Ltd

This CMC was set up in September 2011 and traded as the Consumer Claim Line and Payday Loan Claims up to March 2019 when its license lapsed.[9]

A number of recentTrust Pilot reviews are rather negative and describe a “rude managing director”, “very poor service” and a “sham”[10] .

One cannot help but wonder if this CMC would have still gained full FCA authorisation had it remained in operation?

According to Companies House, there was an objection received in November 2019 to the strking off of Pemberton & Associates Ltd

Sanderson Drake Ltd

According to the FCA register, Sanderson Drake currently have temporary permissions to operate as a CMC[11] and using the trading name of Payday Loan Claims. The CMC is based in Llanelli and run by sole director, Lisa Lewis.

In November 2018 we reported how Sanderson Drake Ltd trading as Payday Loan Claims was authorised by the CMR on 29th October. And how, Pemberton and Associates Ltd were seemingly moving their business to Sanderson Drake Ltd as by clicking on the ‘payday loan’ button it takes to the latter’s website. The Sanderson Drake Ltd website was a replica of the Pemberton one and the ‘contact us’ page contains the following sentence: - If you were a client of Pemberton & Associates t/a paydayclaims before the 5th November 2018, please contact them using the methods below.

Between February 2018-2019, Shaun Pemberton was a director of Sanderson Drake Ltd but now lists himself as Head of Compliance

In July 2019, Sanderson Drake announced they would be releasing a new website, guarantor loan claims which would focus on this form of lending: -

However, the trading name, which is referred to in the Privacy Policy is still yet to be listed on both the FCA register and ICO register[12].

One for the Head of Compliance perhaps??

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