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Resolving claims management companies and revolving doors

Currently listed on the FCA register are both Resolving Ltd who trade as Resolver and Resolver Claims Management Ltd[1]. The former is the free to use tool for consumers and is not to be confused with the latter who appears to be entirely unconnected.

Resolver Claims Management Ltd was incorporated in 2005 but in 2012, Paul Butler took over and remained until September 2018[2] where he was replaced by Stacey Daly, who joined in November 2018 and states she is the company’s Project Manager on her Linked In page.[3]

Resolver Claims Management Ltd is listed on the FCA’s register for claims management temporary permissions[4] with Stacey Daly as a contact which seems a little odd as she does not appear to have any consumer credit experience prior to joining the company in November 2018.

Mr Butler on the other hand has oodles of experience and his 22 directorships have included Ernest Dean Ltd, Fast Reclaims Ltd, and Priestley Crowe LLP all of whom were placed into voluntary liquidation, [5] yet his Linked In Profile only appears to have reference to his position at ABC Incorporation Ltd.[6]

Several companies list both Paul Butler and Richard Hayes as joint directors including Hadenglen Home Finance Ltd, Pegasus Wills Ltd and until recently, Curzon Claims Ltd[7]. Mr Butler resigned from the latter in February 2018 and the claims management company is now being run by Robin Lawrence Jones and Simon Wayne Smith[8] - the duo who also run Dragon Brokers Ltd, the FCA authorised principal company which has a large number of CMC’s indirectly acting as Authorised Representative’s, plus their own RSQ Online Ltd. [9]

However that is a subject for a different blog and we return to the subject of Paul Butler’s co-director, Richard Hayes, who is also very familiar with the claims management sector as he currently runs the CMC, PPIBack2ULtd[10] but used to be involved in the CMC, Primedene Ltd which was placed into voluntary liquidation in July 2018[11] and subsequently had their CMC license cancelled in August.













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