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Reclaim Plan – The PPI-chasing claims company who are far from transparent

Domum Ltd under company registration number, 04168391 was incorporated in Lowestoft but is now dissolved.

Domum Ltd under company registration number, 10151320[1] was incorporated in Chesham in April 2016 and SIC codes include architecture and design. Its sole director is Elizabeth Blumson.

However Domum Ltd has a current CMC Licence[2] which was provided in August 2013 – nearly 3 years before the company was incorporated. The CMR register shows Domum Ltd trades as and are located at a serviced office address in Manchester: HQ, Clippers Quay, Salford.

However Domum Ltd is registered twice with the Information Commissioner at two different address:- Second Floor, Lowry Mill, in Swinton, Manchester, M27 6DB[3] and the Aquarius Trust Group in Gibraltar[4]. Coincidentally, the Lowry Mill office block also houses Direct Financial Claims Limited who trade as Payday Refunds and are currently under CMR investigation.[5]

The active Reclaim Plan website[6] fails to provide a CMC license number , ICO registration number nor company registration number although its ‘contact us’ page does provide a Manchester based telephone number.

It will be interesting to see if this CMC gains authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority next year!








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