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Moneycheat’s welcomes the crackdown on false travel sickness claims!

We welcome today’s news that new rules will be brought in to fix legal costs for holiday sickness cases and believe it will deter future moneycheats from submitting bogus claims. The travel industry has reported that the number of false claims has risen by 500 per cent since 2013 to 35,000 a year, yet the current legal loophole means there are no limits to legal costs in travel claims, which could potentially disincentive a tour operator from pursuing a possible fraudulent case in court for fear of large legal costs.

Therefore the capping of legal fees will stem the tide as it deters no-win no-fee lawyers and claims management companies from pursuing sickness claims of a dubious nature. This means good news for the travel industry as well as the honest consumer who will no longer be facing increased holiday costs which may have imposed if the rise in false sickness claims had continued unchecked!


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