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Money Advice Online – lead generator, broker, CMC or IVA advisor??

The Money Advice Online website seemingly offers a variety of services but its legal status is a little less clear as it seems to have initally been a lead generator, with connections to a claims management company. It currently descibes itself as an ‘introducer’ but one wonders if this is to avoid FCA regulation.

A Claims Management Company?

Back in December 2018, we published a blog regarding the CMC, Brown and Ellis Ltd and questioned why they still held an authorised status with the Claims Management Regulator especially as they had been under investigation[1].

Their CRM license number was being used on a website called Money Advice[2] - a ‘comparison website that acts as an introducer to companies who offer regulated financial advice”. At the time, the website stated “Moneyadviceonline is a trading style of Baker Adams Advisory Ltd – who in turn “act as agent of an (sic) Brown & Ellis Ltd who are regulated by the CMR”.

In April 2019, Brown & Ellis Ltd were awarded temporary permissions as regulation moved to the FCA but this lapsed in August 2019. The company director, Jason Roscoe applied to strike the company from the register at the beginning of this year.

States it is an ‘introducer’and not a Broker?

However the website remains live under a firm called ATN Group. The website, which has no privacy policy, appears to be a broker as it recieves commission for referrals and therefore should be FCA authorised but ATN Group is not listed on the FCA register.

ATN Group Ltd was formed in February 2019 and is run by a sole director, 20 year old, Isabelle Mainprize and is based at the infamous Kemp Road address in London.

A former lead generator

Coincidentally, a Joanne Mainprize (aged 47) used to be the director of Money Advice Online Ltd which was dissolved in 2017.[1] However a search of the company number still brings up a page from 2015 relating to car insurance which states Money Advice Online is a lead generator:-

A Joanne Mainprize with the same DOB, also previously ran Plan B Solutions Ltd, which was based in Stockport and was ordered to wind up by the creditor, HMRC in 2018.[1].

Jason Roscoe

The director of Brown & Ellis Ltd and Baker Adams Advisory Ltd, Jason Roscoe, states he was a director of Moneyadviceonline from 2015 until this year[2] but is now their Business Development Manager instead.

This could be because 2019 was a rather challenging year as his company, WTC Administration Ltd became was wound up. The Statement of Affairs published on 24th June 2019 shows a debt of £85K to HMRC and £304K to consumer creditors and lists numerous individuals who have lost thousands of pounds.[3]

In August 2019, his other company, Baker Adams Advisory Ltd[4] was dissolved via compulsory strike-off, however this did not deter Mr Roscoe from forming a new company called Your Life Made Easy Ltd[5] which specialises in funeral plans and he remained as a director until January 2020, but is now their Business Development Manager as well and based in Stockport.[6]

Furthermore, he is also the Business Development Manager for RJR Legal Ltd – a solicitor’s firm owned by Rebecca Roscoe, so is clearly a very busy man!

However we are digressing from Money Advice Online where Roscoe’s long-term involvement is perhaps demonstrated in the screenshot below which shows a website advertising help with IVA’s and has a footer showing ATN Group. It also refers to the now defunct, Baker Adams Advisory Ltd and somewhat ironically states it provides IVA solutions to consumers.

One cannot help but wonder what his creditors make of his current business development roles!

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