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Updated: Sep 10, 2019

The Claims Management Company. Lastminute Refund Ltd who trade as Simplypaydayclaims and are registered with the FCA[1] is run by sole director, Toni Marie Hatton. Companies House records have a correspondence address for Ms Hatton which is a residential address in Exeter[2].

So is it just a coincidence that a Toni Hatton also works as an Outreach Co-Coordinator for debt advisors, Debt Consultancy Service CIC[3], a company who also have links to Exeter?

Debt Consultancy Service CIC is run by Matthew Osborn who is also the director of the CMC, Chadney-Smith Associates Ltd who are located in Exeter.[4]

Past directors of Chadney-Smith Associates Ltd have included the familiar names of Damien Kennedy, Ciaran Hamilton, Georgina Earl and Carolina Costa who shares the same address in Monaco as disqualified director, Mark Kennedy[2]. Kennedy has also been previously linked with the CMC, Direct Financial Claims Ltd who trade as Payday Refunds and has been referenced in several of our blogs.

Indeed, the address in Exeter and its related connections was also the subject of our blog in November last year, the location that houses a CMC, insolvency advisers, a CIC and an FCA approved principal firm, although there have been a few changes since then.

1st September 2019

A click on the Payday Refunds link now takes you to Last Minute Refund Ltd where the privacy policy lists the Data Protection Officer at the aforementioned address in Exeter which also houses the claims management company, Chadney Smith Associates Ltd:

9th September 2019

The address has been changed:






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