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First Claims Group Ltd – no license but still trading!

The Moneycheats project has referenced First Claims Group Ltd in several of its past blogs, not least for its connections with the dubious and now defunct CMC, Direct Financial Claims Ltd.

However, according to the FCA Register, the current status of First Claims Group Ltd is lapsed so why does the website remain live?

The information placed here at the bottom provides an FCA number of 833653 which actually belongs to Direct Financial Claims Ltd whose license lapsed in September 2019.

We initially reported in November 2019 that First Claims Group Ltd were winding down their CMC business as shown on the FCA register below and would not be taking on any new business from 7th December 2019:

So why does the paydayclaimhelp website still remain active nearly 6 months later?

And where is the customer data being harvested which is being entered in by unwitting consumers??


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