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Ex-director of under investigation, Direct Financial Claims Ltd appears to have started up a new CMC

On 13th March, the Claims Management Regulator gave authorisation to The Claims Experts Ltd who are based in Farndon and have no listed trading names.[1] One of the directors of The Claims Experts Ltd is Vincenzo John Vernon (DOB Oct 1970) who also set up a company called Impakt Claims Ltd on 12th March 2019. Both companies are registered to an address in Ellesmere Port.[2]

A Vincenzo John Vernon[3] (DOB Sept 1970) of Farndon was also the co-director of Direct Financial Claims Ltd (t/a Payday Refunds) from April 2018 – 30th September 2018[4] and gave comments to The Sun and The Daily Mail where he talked about taking legal action against slow responding payday lenders who he said “preyed on UK consumers for years with reckless lending”.

Yet a subsequent article in The Mirror on 13th September 2018, entitled A banned director of a rip off payday loan firm has re-surfaced - at a firm claiming to help consumers get compensation from payday lenders exposed his connection to disqualified director, Mark Kennedy who was one of four directors who created a company that “feasted like sharks in a pool of the most vulnerable and financially distressed”, according to the Insolvency Service.[5]

On 19th September, the Claims Management Regulator announced an investigation into DFC Ltd while Vincenzo Vernon was still present as a director. Although he resigned on 30th September 2018, the CMC investigation is still ongoing.[6]

For more information on Mark Kennedy and the other disqualified directors please see of our other blog articles including: Direct Financial Claims Ltd who trade as Payday Refunds are now under CMR investigation! and Bollin Marketing Ltd – CMC’s, marketing services and banned directors








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