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Compare Claims. When a claims company is a ‘panel of solicitors’?

While researching for our blog on Clear Legal Marketing Ltd, it was suggested that a ‘panel of solicitors’ was often not a panel at all and is “usually only one firm, if there is one at all”[1]

However the use of a ‘panel’ allows CMC’s to evade FCA regulation and the current authorisation process which is weeding out the more dubious claims firms.

Therefore we have taken a brief look at one of the claims companies who use a ‘panel’.

Compare Claims

According to its website[2], Compare Claims is part of Compare Finance Ltd and is “dedicated to helping those who are struggling financially with unmanageable debt to legally write off some, if not all of their debt”. The company state they look at IVA’s, DMP’s, PPI claims and Pay Day Loan claims using a panel of law firms regulated via the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Compare Finance Ltd is run by Georgina Earle[3] who used to be a director of the CMC, Chadney-Smith Associates Ltd where she replaced Carolina Costa. Carolina Costa shares an address with the disgraced director Mark Kennedy[4] who has links to other CMC’s.

Georgina Earle (her Linked in Profile states Georgina Nuttall[5]) used to run the company, CDG North West Ltd with banned director, Darren Varden[6] and she was also the Chief Operating Officer for Release Money Group Ltd, which included Debt Release Direct and Varden Nuttall.

Interestingly, In July this year both Darren Varden and Phillp Nuttall were banned for failing to protect clients interests. Last year the pair made headlines when the administrators of Varden Nuttall secured a £12.8m judgement against them, after a county civil judge found they acted negligently in dealing with IVA’s.[7]









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