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Clear Legal Marketing Ltd – Clear or opaque?

The Moneycheats project initially came across this CMC last year when Clear Legal Marketing Ltd used to trade as Payday Reclaim, (see blog) as a screenshot taken in October 2018 showed a CMR licence number on both the Payday Reclaim webpages but also that of CMC, Chadney-Smith Associates Ltd who has a number of dubious connections:-

This has since been removed, however an article[1] published this week by Nearly Legal has thrown up a similar issue when it looked at the website, Tenant Refund Services which detailed a link to the law firm, Clear Law LLP but found it was subsequently changed to Clear Legal Marketing Ltd:-

Both companies appear to be run by the same person, Matthew Corbett and Clear Legal Marketing Ltd is a registered CMC, however the trading name, Tenant Refund Services is not listed on the FCA register:

According to one of Clear Legal Marketing Ltd’s pre-contract information sheets, the CMC does “ not charge you anything for the initial assessment of your case. Once we have passed your case to one of our Panel Solicitors and they agree to act on your behalf, they will pay a fee to Clear Legal Marketing Ltd for making the introduction. This fee will not be deducted from your compensation.”[1] So who are the ‘panel of solicitors used by Clear Legal Marketing Ltd? Can it be Clear Law LLP?

Further overlap of the companies can also be seen via a google search showing the website TenantCaseworth as a trading name of Clear Legal Marketing Ltd (see screenshot below) but this trading name is not also listed on the FCA register.

The overlap with Clear Law LLP is demonstrated by a PDF link[1] provided on the Nearly Legal article which shows TenantCaseworth is also a trading style of Clear Law LLP:-

Nearly Legal summarises: “Clear Law LLP somehow involved in a number of claims management sites” and “is a solicitors firm, which is an LLP of which Matthew Corbett is the sole non company member, paying a referral fee to a claims farmer company of which Matthew Corbett is a director and the largest single shareholder. One does hope that relationship is clear to their clients.”

The Moneycheats Project wholeheartedly concurs with this sentiment however the very recently filed confirmation sheet by Clear Legal Marketing Ltd shows the disgraced director, Mark Kennedy and Carolina Costa were shareholders until late last year.[1] Mr Kennedy has been the subject of a number of our Moneycheats blogs as he was connected to Direct Financial Claim Ltd, a CMC who were under CMR investigation and who ceased trading at the end of this month.

Other former shareholders of Clear Legal Marketing Ltd include Matthew Osborn who is the director of CMC, Chadney-Smith Associates Ltd and one of the subjects of our blog referred to in the opening paragraph.






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