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Charterhouse Claims Ltd and it's connection to other CMC's

The Company

Charterhouse Claims Ltd trade as Payday Loan Claims.

Address: - Unit 64, Capital Business Centre, 22 Carlton Road, South Croydon, CR2 0BS.

This is also used as a registered office by Charterhouse Global Communications Ltd and Waterhouse Maine Ltd.

Oddly, there is a further website called Pension Transfer Claims which provides an identical privacy policy as the 2websites listed above but the name Pension Transfer Claims is not listed as a trading name on the FCA Register nor the ICO register[1]. Indeed, the privacy policy still refers to the CMR.[2] All 3 websites carry the same contact telephone number on the privacy notice but different numbers for general contact.

Daniel Clode – Secretary

Daniel Clode is listed as their company secretary on Companies House[3] but on his Linked in account he describes himself as Head of Growth[4] and in November 2018 he published the post: - ‘New suppliers needed for B2C & B2B Campaigns’ He lists his location as Manchester.

Between June 2016 and March 2018, Clode worked as a Media Buyer and Data Analyst for Delayed Flights Compensation Ltd whose director, Thomas Atherton used to run the CMC, Direct Redress Ltd[5]

Clode has also worked at Aquarium Software Ltd, based in Hale whose current directors include Richard Metcalfe and Michael Goldstone.

Richard Metcalfe - Director

Richard Metcalfe (DOB My 1975) is a director of Charterhouse Claims Ltd and is listed as the contact on the FCA register[6] but his place of residence on CH states Israel. The CH report lists 2 addresses for Metcalfe – one is 18 Albert Road East, Hale, Altrincham, Greater Manchester, England, WA15 9AL –perhaps his parents address – Carol and Alan Metcalfe.[7]

The other address is Unit 1, Barnfield House, Salford, United Kingdom, M3 7BX which is the correspondence address for Charterhouse Claims and the address of accountants, Jack Ross.

Charterhouse Claims Ltd is the sole shareholder of Charterhouse Global Communications Ltd – a company set up by Metcalfe in 2003. According to the latest accounts, Charterhouse Claims borrowed £387K in 2018.[8] The listed correspondence address for Metcalfe is in Israel and is listed on AirBNB as a luxury flat[9].

Other directorships

Richard Metcalfe’s Linked In account confirms he is a current director of Aquarium Software Ltd and ex-director of the claims management company, Brunel Franklin[10]. He is also a director of East Windward Ltd and a shareholder in the hairdressing company, De Roth Ltd – set up by Morgan and Clode in August 2019[11].

Aquarium Software Ltd provides a platform to insurance companies wishing to roll out pet and travel services and Metcalfe has been a director since 2011. There are 9 other directors which include Michael Goldstone[12]. The company operates from Charter House, Woodlands Road, Altrincham, WA14 1HF along with several other companies.

Brunel Franklin & Co Ltd[13] was set up by David Phillips and Richard Metcalfe in 2003 and joined by Michael Goldstone in 2004. In 2008 the company changed its name to BF 2000 Ltd and Metcalfe left later in the same year. This departure was rather timely as in early 2009 the company published a voluntary arrangement which revealed debts to HMRC and Michael Goldstones company, Snowshill Allied Holding Ltd for £24K and £554K respectively (Presumably these remained unpaid as the court ordered the company to wind up in June 2013) and at the same time the company voluntarily surrendered its CMC license but the name Brunel Franklin merely become the trading name of another CMC[14] – Flairford Securities Ltd and a company which Goldstone spent time as a director.

Other Connections

Goldstone continued to be involved in Brunel Franklin via his directorship of Flairford (2016) Ltd which ended on 11th January 2019[15] and his stake was replaced by the CMC, Excell Audits Ltd[16] - who currently have temporary permissions. However, Goldstone continues to be involved in other companies with Excell directors, Gregory Wilson and David Phillips.

The transfer to Excell Audits is confirmed on Brunel Franklin’s website which informs customers that Flairford Securities is no longer licensed. All firms are based in Altrincham.

In April 2019, John Worsley[17] replaced Gregory Wilson and was appointed director and majority shareholder of Excell Audits Ltd[18]. In the same month, he was also appointed a director of Flairford Securities Ltd and in June 2019 he became a director of the debt collection company, Bowden McKenzie.[19] On 31st January 2020, he was also appointed a director of Flairford Holdings Ltd, Flairford (2016) Ltd and Flairford Group Ltd.

John Morgan - Director

According to his Linked in Profile, Morgan is responsible for operations at Charterhouse Claims[20] and he does appear to live in the location as his correspondence address[21] is a residential address (2 Brian Avenue, Sanderstead, Surrey, CR2 9NE)

In addition to the companies he runs with Metcalfe, there is also a longstanding company called Harka Ltd which he runs with Zoe Morgan.

Further Information

· The latest Google review for Charterhouse Claims states:-

“please bare in mind: I have never heard about this company, searched for this company, applied for this company). They have sumbitted for a Subject Access Request with my details to Lending Stream, without my knowledge and without me asking for this to be done. Luckily, Lending Stream notified me of this request and blocked it. I have emailed the relevant email address on their website and i am currently awaiting a response. If the response is satisfactory, i will review my... review.[22]

· The MP for Altrincham, Sir Graham Brady is an advisor (on Marketing and Communications) to Aquarium Software Ltd and Snowshill Allied Holdings Ltd and is paid £2.5K a quarter for 3 hours work.[23]

· According to their Wilson Morris website, CMC Excell Audits acquired the business assets of the CMC, Claims Advisory Group[24] – which was run by Jamie Alaise – another very familiar name to the Moneycheats project.

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