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Arch Hall Ltd have gone into administration!

According to records filed with Companies House[1], Arch Hall Limited appointed an administrator on 7th March 2019.

The company is still currently listed as a member of the Alliance of Claims Companies[2] but the Arch Hall website is not available. The company is also still registered with the Claims Management Regulator[3].

The director of Arch Hall Ltd is Christopher Holmes[4], who is also listed as a Director of the trade association, Debt Resolution Forum since inception and indeed was founding Chairman, before handing over to David Mond.

Chris Holmes was also a director of The Bankruptcy Protection Fund Ltd, Consolidated Finance Ltd, and Amsol Finance Ltd[5]

The Bankruptcy Protection Fund Ltd (BPF) was placed into liquidation in 2013[6] after the OFT had placed requirements in 2010 following an investigation which found the 3 companies (Bankruptcy Protection Fund Ltd, Consolidated Finance Ltd (CFL) and Alpha Mortgages Manchester Ltd) has not been transparent in their dealings with customers and failed to adequately outline the risks in involved[7].

The BPF and the CFL were established at the same time with the former acting as a sales arm to CFL who then provided secured loans to clients. According to the Statement of Administrators Proposals in March 2014t[8], the business model generally worked well with the exception of a small number of cases where the debtor could not re-finance their borrowing so CFL would have to issue possession proceedings.

In one case, a group of debtors brought action arguing that the loans were not exempt under the Consumer Credit Act, 1974 but were instead regulated loan agreements, and as such claimed that the loan agreements had been incorrectly executed. The Court of Appeal eventually agreed and this meant the business model was fatally compromised. BPF proceeded into voluntary liquidation, while CFL was presented with a winding up petition. A subsequent decision was made by the ultimate beneficial owner, Malta-based Antag Holding Ltd to place CFL into administration.

The Administrators Progress report for January 2017 for CFL refers to an investigation on the conduct of the director. The investigated matters related to director remuneration as Antag believed the sole director had been withdrawing excessive salaries and bonuses for some time and that he might have been paid by CFL rather than BPF for part of this time.

Consolidated Finance Ltd was dissolved following liquidation in September 2018.

David Mond was the Administrator and Liquidator for Amsol Finance Ltd whose sole director from July 2010 onwards was Christopher Holmes[9]. According to the Administrators Final Progress report, the Administrator “concluded an arrangement with Arch Hall” and gave them the outstanding PPI claims with the agreement Amsol Finance would receive 50% of any generated fees.








[8] Administrators Report



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