Challenging Dubious Compensation Claims
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The Moneycheats project is operated by a group with longstanding communications, research and public affairs experience and expertise. The Moneycheats project is designed to collect, collate, analyse and disseminate information and data about the scope and size of inflated or false compensation claims across the private and public sector.


MoneyCheats are people who make false or inflated compensation claims; often assisted by some no-win-no-fee law firms, claims management companies and even some consumer advice websites.

In the 1960s it was said that the British did not complain enough; but times have changed. Over the intervening decades a wide variety of complaint and compensation processes have developed to the extent that there is probably no consumer facing activity that does not have a complaints and compensation system. And quite right too! If we suffer detriment at the hands of a private or public body it is only fair that there is restitution. However, the pendulum has now swung to the farthest opposite extreme. From hardly complaining at all, consumers appear to be leading the way in seeking to profit from the complaints and compensation systems, not simply to receive just restitution. And there are profits to be made, not only by complainants themselves making inflated or entirely false claims, but also for a massive industry that has evolved to help people make bogus claims and to take a substantial cut of the pay-out.


This cannot be right. Compensation should be paid to those who have suffered detriment. It should not be a profit making enterprise either for the complainant, a claims management company or a no-win-no-fee lawyer. It is time to de-rail this gravy train which is now careering dangerously out of control.


The Moneycheats project provides comprehensive commentary, information and data about the scope and size of inflated or false compensation claims as a resource for the media, commentators, politicians, think tanks and regulators

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